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A sealant is made from:

  • Glass fibres
  • “Bio” fibres type 607
  • Ceramic fibres

Textiles and sealants are available in the form of:

  • Cordon: always round, obtained from glass or ceramic threads twisted together to create a defined diameter.
  • Round or square braid: consists of interlacing ceramic or glass threads through a knitting operation.
  • Beading: a mineral fibre core held together by a tightly woven mesh of refractory glass or ceramic yarn.
  • Strip: obtained from glass or refractory threads woven together to produce defined width and thickness.
  • Sheathing: consists of intertwining glass or refractory threads reinforced with a steel wire, by braiding.
  • Joints cut out according to plans
  • Music note seals
  • Mattresses, cushions and insulation sleeves

Typical uses of sealants are:

  • Seals for doors, ovens, furnaces and boilers
  • Protection of pipes, cables, thermocouples
  • Heat screens
  • Wagon seals (Tile factories, brickyards)
  • Expansion and flange joints
  • Various types of thermal insulation


  • E glass: holds up to 500°C
  • Ceramic: holds up to 1200°C
  • High temperature organic fibre: holds up to 1200°C
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