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Prosiref has been managing high temperatures since 1988

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PROSIREF : machining refractory products since 1988

Since 1988 we have been offering great expertise. In addition to selling a wide range of refractory products and dielectric insulators, we have a refractory machining center.  
♦ The latter is based in Lozanne, in the Rhône, a few kilometres from Lyon. 

 We design your products from A to Z

Does your industry require custom-made products?

Our technical team will design your shaped parts from start to finish.

In our design office, our experts work on the layout and thermic calculations, and advise you as to the choice of materials and the final cost.

We have a large machine park with flashchut CNC machines, presses, three-axis machines and more. In addition to this, we have a selection of specialised machines for the manufacturing of fibre modules (z-block, thermo-block, pyro-bloc…) some of which have been designed by Prosiref to provide you with 100% custom-made parts.

usinage de matériaux réfractaires
Usinage De Materiaux Refractaires France
usinage matériaux réfractaires

Refractory parts for our most challenging installations

In our refractory machining centre, we manufacture bricks, rigid materials, vacuum-moulded parts, textiles, technical ceramics, anchors, composites and fireproof materials. They can resist temperatures ranging from 100°C to 2000°C. This non-exhaustive list is only a snippet of what we are able to achieve.

We work for a wide range of industries around France and abroad, including industrial ovens, foundries, incinerators, chemical plants, heat treatment, specialised machinery, glassworks and more.

Not only do we machine refractory materials, we also regularly intervene for repairs in France and abroad.

Manufacturing modules of all shapes and sizes

We are one of the few companies which specialises in manufacturing small, medium and large quantities. We offer different types of fixings and anchors, and our fibre is sourced from the largest manufacturers. We provide flexibility to ensure that these modules meet your expectations and are delivered within your timeframe.

At the heart of our refractory warehouse, we devise UNIQUE solutions which are adapted to the requirements of YOUR industry and YOUR installations.

Machining of refractory materials: respecting your deadlines and constraints

You will appreciate our availability and our responsiveness.

Our manufacturing centre is based in our storage area in Lozanne (69), adjacent to our warehouse. We make sure to always have real-time access to raw materials, without transport delay. You are therefore guaranteed to receive your custom-made parts within your timeframe. Our teams are flexible, adapting to your constraints and your quality procedures.

Contact us for more information about manufacturing refractory materials

For all questions about manufacturing refractory materials, don’t hesitate to get in touch. We will assist you in finding a solution adapted to your needs and will send you a personalised quote.

Additional service: thermal calculation

In addition to manufacturing refractory materials, we offer a thermic calculation service which involves defining the thermal gain of high temperature insulation. This can assist you in confirming the suitability of a material, or help you find the most suitable shape.   

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with our experts by phone or email.

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