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All fibres belong to the high-temperature insulation wool family.

  • The R.C.F (Refractory Ceramic Fibres) are aluminium silicate wools.
  • Maftec and saffil are polycrystalline
  • SW (Superwool) are low bio-persistent fibres (exempt from classification) of the AES family (Alcalino Terreuse) commonly known as “Bio” or “high-temperature glass fibres”

All these quality fibres, except for glass, rock and slag fibres, are obtained from silica, alumina, zircon, lime or magnesia. Only the combinations and percentages of these minerals vary depending on the qualities and temperature resistance required.

The resulting fibre creates the base material for the manufacturing of flexible materials like nappe, rigid ones like boards, blocks, moulded parts, woven or braided for spinning or sealing materials, ready-to-use modules for the construction and repair or equipment, ovens and furnaces.

All of these fibrous materials can hold temperatures ranging from 600°C to 1600°C.

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